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Vader sites

The injuries of Darth Vader: an excellent essay at theforce.net on the extent and cause of the injuries suffered by Lord Darth Vader.

Darth Vader Revealed: all sorts of Vader stuff.

Vader Painter: Information on building a Darth Vader suit as well as many rare Star Wars collectibles. 

Vader fan fiction sites

Iejasu's fan fiction port: contains Vader and Forever Knight fanfiction, essays, pics and more, some of it in German.

Vader's Mask: FernWithy's site, contains fan fiction, fan art, etc.

Djuva's Alternate Universe page: A collection of epic and adventurous Star Wars fanfic by Djuva and friends

M.J.Mink's fan fiction page: a selection of Star Wars fanfic, concentrating on Luke's relationship with his father; also a collection of Kung Fu stories (again a young man's relations with his father).

Dark versus Light: Valerie Vancollie's Star Wars alternate universe fanfiction page.

Rose's Garden: Rose Aislin's Fanfiction Site.

Blazing Suns: a fanfiction archive exploring the father/son theme of Star Wars

Sith sites

Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade 2
A nice site and a pretty lively community dedicated to The Horned One. 

The original Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade (now a closed archive). 

The Sidious Palpatine Estrogen Brigade (in the original DMEB space)

More about the Sith:

Anakin sites

No Ordinary Love: Anakin and Padmé.

Skywalking: a mailing list dedicated to You Know Who.

The Anakin Skywalker Homepage

Moons of Iego

Other fan fiction sites

Fanfiction.net: a huge fanfic resource of all fandoms. Contains a Star Wars section with thousands of stories.

Corellian Embassy: a fanzine online resource, all excellent stories. Dedicated mostly to Han Solo, but has some excellent stories featuring Vader too. 

The Darth Side: a Star Wars erotic fanfiction archive 

Shack's Fanfic Clearinghouse: A huge collection of links to websites with fanfics from various fandoms, including Star Wars.

Sorcerous Side of the Force: a fanfic archive dedicated to hokey religions and sorcerous ways of the Force. 

Stay on Target!: A Star Wars fanfic resource.

The Imperial Chicks homepage: a website dedicated to all those gorgeous guys in high boots who served our Dark Lord well. Contains fanfic among other goodies.

General links

StarWars.com: your official source of the Force

The official Darth Vader-Dave Prowse website: the site of the original man behind the mask

TheForce.net: a huge resource of everything Star Wars.


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