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Deja Vu
Djuva and Red
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Agent J:

Splintered Steel (R)
Vader's twisted consciousness catches up to him he discovers Kenobi's final betrayal.


To Weave the Tapestry (NC-17)
A young girl on a planet in the Outer Rim has her coming of age occur in a rather unprecedented manner. A work in progress in process of revision.

Parts | 1 | 2 |

Unraveling a Tangled Skein (NC-17)
A young woman on a planet in the Outer Rim juggles her responsibilities as the Third Oracle, Senator of Riol, and being a woman. This is an AU of To Weave the Tapestry. A work in progress in the process of revision.


Her Lord Vader (NC-17)
A potential concubine and Vader... DVEB challenge fic.


Diversions (NC-17)
A sergeant meets her new commanding officer … here on vacation from the GFFA. Vader's Fortress challenge fic. A work in progress.
This was previously archived as 'A Vacation ... Where?' by Danielle.


Paths in the Darkness (NC-17)
Everything went wrong at Bespin. How far will Leia go to change that?
Warning: Unknowing incest (Vader/Leia)

Belle Bayard:

Beloved Monster (R)
Amidala goes to visit her Jedi friends and gets more than she bargained for. Takes place ten years after The Phantom Menace and covers the period from Episode II to III.

The Beast Within (NC-17)
Anakin awakens after his fateful fight with Obi-Wan and finds that much has changed. Just how did he become the fearful Darth Vader and why did Amidala leave him? Sequel to Beloved Monster.


Dark Purposes (NC-17)
Vader's young apprentice, Raven.


Fade to Black (R)
I should’ve known it would come to this. Black boots followed by white, stepping off a landing ramp in time to mechanical breathing. It's only a flash, only a second into the enemy’s future showing me what he’s going to do before he decides to do it. That’s usual, even though this particular enemy isn’t anyone I thought would come after me.


Dark Purpose (R)
A more tragic approach to the character of Darth Vader than what ROTS revealed. The Sith Lord has a catharsis and makes the ultimate decision.

Darth Tiamat:

Raven's Wings (NC-17)
Short romance piece. Palpatine has a reward for his apprentice.

Deja Vu:

Omelas (R)
A horrifying fact is revealed to Darth Vader.

Djuva and Red:

Mission Undercover (NC-17)
A rebel spy and an Imperial agent... A Dark Lord and his snooty but efficient agent...

Elizabeth Stuart:

Daises (R)
Random thoughts from Han and Leia, Luke and Vader.

Too Hot to Handle (R)
Luke's connection with Leia allows him to be a voyeur as does his Lordship's link with Luke.

Vader's Child (NC-17)
Need and power draw Luke and Vader into an incestuous relationship.
Warning: Vader/Luke content.


Aria (NC-17)
How does a young concubine convince Vader to add her to his harem? DVEB challenge fic.

Fury (NC-17)
A female officer aboard Vader's ship gets more than she bargained for.

The Break (NC-17)
A prostitute's close encounter with Lord Vader has unexpected results.

Winter on Tatooine (NC-17)
Sequel to 'The Break'.

Eritae Halcyon:

Agapé's Tale (NC-17)
You answer a personal ad on a dare. DVEB challenge fic.

Part: | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Fragments from a Life (NC-17)
Snippets from a life entwined with the Sith Lord’s.

Reply to a Coruscanti Personal Ad (NC-17)
Lord Vader needs a concubine and you are fortunate enough to answer the ad he placed. DVEB challenge fic.


Uprising (R)
A child in the Empire is in trouble, and when she hears of a high-ranking official who was once a knight, she wishes he would come to her... of course, one should be careful what one wishes for... (rated R for violence).


Grasp of Reality (NC-17)
Dea Laurea visits the Death Star for a business meeting, in order to form an allegiance between her home planet of Coruscant and the Empire. Meeting Darth Vader was not something that she planned on.


The End (NC-17)
Vader's POV just before the duel on Mustafar, and the end of the team of Kenobi and Skywalker.

The Well of Rage (R)
The Dark Lord of the Sith contemplates the true source of his power: Obi-Wan.
Warning: References to rape, murder, mutilation, and mind-control.

I Gave Your Fair Warning:

For All the Wrong Reasons (NC-17)
Anakin takes his sexual prowess quite seriously, so what does being Vader do to his self esteem?


A Day in the Life of the Dark Lord (NC-17)
The title says it all. Bast Castle Fiction Challenge.

Days of Adjustment (NC-17)
The Dark Lord adjusts to life in the Suit. An incomplete story.

Scheherazde / Gotcha! (NC-17)
Lord Vader needs a harem. You apply, not having any idea what you're in for. DVEB challenge fic. An incomplete story.

Zero to Sixty/Far & Away (NC-17)
Lord Vader gets a new concubine. And has an unexpected guest. Sequel to A Day in the Life of the Dark Lord. An incomplete story.
Warning: M/M

Ivy Liege:

Dark Angel Series (NC-17)
Lylla, a pleasure slave serving on Death Star has an appetite for powerful men, and finally meets the ultimate challenge - Vader himself.
Warnings: BDSM, some violence

Down Time
Dark Angel Unleashed
Dark Angel's Embrace
Dark Angel: Dangerous Games
Dark Angel: Scarlet Dragon
Parts | 1 | 2 | 3 |

The Voice of Blood (NC-17) NEW!
On the eve of his fourteenth birthday, Imperial Prince Luke Vader is expected to choose his future bride. There is only one he wants.
Warnings: Incest (Luke/Leia), underage.


Heartless (R)
Formidable. Harsh. Heartless. Monster. These are all adjectives that Darth Vader has come to appreciate as a Sith Lord. He corrupts Padawans, destroys Jedi Masters, and deals with the coldest of allies. However, Luke wonders if perhaps all those adjectives are properly applied.

Impossible Fantasy (R)
Darth Vader possesses a dead man's memory of windmill daisies and impossible fantasies.

Phoenix (R)
Darth Vader has a moment of self-reflection.

Shadowchasing (NC-17)
Darth Vader hated Obi-Wan Kenobi as much as Anakin Skywalker loved him. It's occasionally hard to tell the difference, because sometimes, the Force hides rather than reveals -- until the time is right.
Warnings: Anakin/Obi-Wan slash

Undefeated (R)
Darth Vader's memories slow him down when he finally meets Obi-Wan Kenobi again.
Warnings: Vader (Anakin)/Obi-Wan slash (implied), character death, violence.

Victories Over Flesh and Spirit (NC-17)
A victory over flesh is not a victory over spirit. An alternate universe tale exploring the dark possibilities of Darth Vader finding Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker seven years after the events of Revenge of the Sith.
Warnings: Vader/Obi-Wan slash, torture.

Jedi Nemo:

In Another Form (R)
Secluded in his chamber on board the Death Star, Darth Vader contemplates the end of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Nature of the Enemy (R)
Darth Vader interrogates Leia Organa on board the Death Star.

Skin (NC-17)
Women provide the only comfort in Darth Vader's life.


The Gauntlet (NC-17)
Anakin goes to see Padmé at her apartment in the hours between the youngling slaughter at the Jedi Temple and the Separatist leadership slaughter on Mustafar.
Warnings: Rough sex, sex while pregnant.


Life Interrupted (NC-17)
An Earthling gets to move to the GFFA. Talk about leaving your troubles behind only to gain a whole bunch more! An incomplete story.
Warning: Non-consensual sex.

Lady Jehanne:

Concerto (R)
A young woman follows where duty leads her.

Parts: | 1 | 2 |


Aphra Down (NC-17)
During another sleepless night, Dr. Aphra is overwhelmed by doubts about her mysterious employer, the Sith Lord, Darth Vader, but when she decides to take a walk through her ship, the Ark Angel, she hardly imagined what her next mission was going to be...


Greatly Exaggerated (NC-17)
Anakin isn't as dead as Vader thinks.


Siren Song (R)
Lord Vader has a crippling headache, and the source of it fascinates him.

Scream (R)
In Cloud City, Vader personally forces Leia to watch Han's torture. Heavily references Siren Song concerning Vader's suspicions about Leia.


Duels of Light and Shadow (R)
An unexpected encounter leads to a series of duels.

His Lordship and the Five-and twenty Virgins (R)
What really goes through his head at times.

The Sith Lord and the Scientist (PG to NC-17) UPDATED!
What happens when a certain Sith Lord finds himself stranded on Earth with only a stubborn scientist to help him get back to the Empire? This is complete to the end of the fourth section.


Seduction (R)
Anakin Skywalker wakes from medical treatment to begin a new life.

Vader I (NC-17)
A senator's aide waiting for an interview with the Emperor has an unexpected encounter with the famous Dark Lord of the Sith.

Vader II (NC-17)
A sword-skilled Imperial employee working on the Death Star meets a mysterious stranger.


His Apprentice, Her Master (R)
The Apprentice survived Malachor. Vader has kept her close, planning to use her, even as she uses that fact to shape a destiny she prefers. Only... it's always more complicated than a shadow game when emotions are there.


Punishment and Darkness (NC-17)
After the destruction of the Death Star, Luke struggles with feelings of guilt about his actions, and seeks 'punishment'.
Warnings: Luke/Vader content, torture, and violence.


The Tales of Miklinar are not intended to be read as separate stories.As a whole, the Tales are NC-17, even though individual segments may be as mild as PG. Prologue is in Tale One. Please read this before you proceed with the Tales. (Unless you rejoice in being terminally confused!) Ettare Calydon, one of Vader's prisoners, shows surprising powers -- and a long remembered connection.
Warnings: Tale Two is nasty, Tale Nine contains a rape scene, and Tale Eleven has a M/M relationship. Do not read if you are offended by such.

Tales: | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven |

MJ Mink:

The Terrorist (R)
Vader uses deceit to trick Luke into surrendering in Cloud City. The Dark Lord entrusts his son to an Imperial interrogator, unaware that the man has an agenda of his own: revenge.
Warning : Psychological and physical torture.


Comrade & Confidant (NC-17)
Shortly after the battle of Endor, Admiral Piett finds himself trapped in a cell. Reeling in the aftermath he will discover men can do the wrong things for the right reasons, and gifts can feel like funerals.
Warning: Piett/Vader content.

Comrade & Confidant: Treason (NC-17) NEW!
Captain Piett has been a loyal servant of the Empire for many years, resigned to his position as a humble cog in the great machine. A chance meeting will alter his course and enable him to alter the course of the galaxy.
Warning: Piett/Vader content.


A Personal Commission (NC-17)
There was a reason that Vader was willing to cut him good deals and it wasn’t just their shared history, which contained just as many reasons for Vader to never, ever hire him. Boba was the best bounty hunter operating outside of the Core Worlds and anyone who mattered knew it.
Warning : Boba Fett/Vader pairing.

Prophecy Girl:

Carpe Diem, Baby (NC-17)
1 Sith Lord. 1 Super Star Destroyer. 24 hours. Response to a DVEB fiction challenge.

Fumbling Towards Eden (NC-17)
A stubborn, fiesty bounty hunter finds herself at the mercy of the Sith Lord. Sequel to Slouching Towards Ecstasy.
Warning: Some graphic violence.

Harbinger (NC-17)
A young Imperial office aboard the Death Star comes face to face with the Sith Lord, and old secrets are brought to light. An incomplete story.

Random Daydreams with a Sith Lord (NC-17)
Lord Vader finds a companion - you. Written with a co-author.

Slouching Towards Ecstasy (NC-17)
Lord Vader meets a bounty hunter. DVEB challenge fic.


Forbidden (NC-17)
After the disastrous duel on Bespin, Luke begins to dream again of his father, including one dream wherein his father is his lover. Vader discovers his son's forbidden desire and offers to make the dream a reality. An incomplete story.
Warnings: Luke/Vader, non-consensual sex.

Parts | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |

Red and Dark Lady:

Subtle Temptress (R)
Be careful what you dream about, especially around a Dark Lord.


Light a Candle, Cast a Shadow (R)
Ahsoka keeps her promise, stays with Vader, and gets in on his plans to overthrow Palpatine...but does so at the price of turning darkish herself. Vader's been using the Force to heal his body, but he only dares do so much while Palpatine's still around.


For Thine is the Kingdom (NC-17)
Vader will do anything to persuade Luke to the Dark Side.
Warning: Vader/Luke content.


Compromising (R)
Five times Admiral Piett misunderstands the nature of Luke and Vader's relationship, and the one time he doesn't.


Cellinda (NC-17)
Just another whore? We'll find out. DVEB challenge fic.


Southern Belles Trilogy:

May the Force be with Ya'll (NC-17)
A group of girlfriends on their weekend retreat meet up with a certain Sith Lord.

Southern Stars (NC-17)
A southern fried story of a group of girlfriends traveling to visit their favorite Sith Lord. Sequel to 'May the Force be With Ya'll.'

Southern Fried Sith (NC-17)
The Southern girls continue to cause havoc in the GFFA. Sequel to Southern Stars. An incomplete story.

Other Fiction:

A Sith for Valentine's Day (NC-17)
A girl gets a visitor on Valentine's Day. Just a little piece that ran around in my head.

Sithmas Present (NC-17)
A girl gets the present of her dreams.

Sun Labs (R)
Vader is stranded on Earth and finds a kindred spirit in a robotics lab. Vader's Fortress challenge fic.

The Dark Lord and His Mistress (NC-17)
An answer to a personal ad placed by the Dark Lord. DVEB challenge fic.


father hear my cry (and may the demons guard you) (R)
"This was going to happen sometime." She'd told herself that since the first night aboard Vader's ship. She'd reminded herself of that dozens of times over the course of the last weeks, trying to prepare herself for when they finally came for her. She had thought she'd come to terms with the likelihood of this particular violence—had accepted the inevitable. Apparently not.
Warnings: contains a description of an attempted rape and violence.


Memories of Empire (NC-17)
An old friend of Grand Admiral Thrawn's finds her way to the Chimaera, with secrets that could help the Empire -- or Darth Vader's children. This story is incomplete.
Warnings: contains non-consensual sex and violence.

Tam Chronin:

Vader Taken Seriously / Aftershocks (NC-17)
A Jedi padawan has reason for doubt after meeting Darth Vader at a party. Excerpts from the Sith Chicks Rent-A-Jedi Gala and Rent-A-Jedi Thanksgiving round robins.


Burn (R)
For a moment, it's almost real. A different type of Luke/Vader story.

Permeation (R)
After the duel on Bespin, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will come to know one another more closely than either could ever have imagined...by becoming trapped in one another's bodies. Post-ESB/RotJ AU.

Parts | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

The Noble Rot:

The Seeker's Passage (R)
The Emperor kept a number of concubines for his personal uses. This is the story of one of them.


Seeking a Window Out (R)
Things go a bit differently for Han at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. After all, why on earth would Vader give up such a powerful lever against Luke?


Old Souls (R)
Things go a bit differently for Han at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. After all, why on earth would Vader give up such a powerful lever against Luke?


Born in Fire and Blood (R)
Only a few weeks after the battle of Yavin Vader's fleet launches a surprise attack on an Alliance cruiser. Only one of the Rebels survives to face the Emperor's wrath.


No Exit (R)
Ahsoka promised not to leave him again and Vader was going to hold her to it.

Vikki R:

Blindsight (NC-17)
Luke was captured and encased in carbonite on Bespin. But when Vader thawed him out, things didn't go quite as smoothly as planned, leaving Luke blind and 'suffering' from some disturbing dreams about his father that he can't get out of his head.
Warning: Luke/Vader content.

Finally Woken (R)
Anakin hesitated. Luke paid the price. It's kiss-and-make-up time.
Warning: Luke/Vader content.

In a Position of Command (NC-17)
Luke learns a lesson in power over others from Vader.
Warning: Luke/Vader content.


A Glittering Dark Star (NC-17)
Piett worries that he has missed his chance to reveal his feelings for Vader. Vader worries that Piett does not understand what he's getting himself into.
Warning: Piett/Vader content.


Resonance (R)
While hunting down a rogue Jedi, Darth Vader crash lands on a planet full of thunderstorms and picks up a stray.


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